Online tuition

Why Online Tuition?

We understand the difficulty and inconveniences students may encounter when seeking tutoring services such as travel time and cost. At High School Tutoring College, we are dedicated to assisting students to the best of our ability and would like to introduce you to our newly established online tuition services.


The benefits of High School Tutoring College’s online tutoring services are:

  • Online tuition is very much like face-to-face tutoring sessions as communication is instantaneous and students can engage with tutors. Students will have access to live tutors through one-on-one tuition or group lessons.
  • Students today are very computer oriented and by offering tutoring services online, rather than the traditional method of pen and paper, students are likely to be more engaged in the learning process.
  • It is highly flexible as students can easily be tutored at home without needing to travel to the premises. Students generally feel more at ease and relaxed when being tutored in a familiar environment.
  • The online tuition rate, which is $20 per session, is a lot cheaper than face-to-face tuition services.


Each subject will be allocated a session (which is one hour) each week, on a weekday during after school hours.  Students/parents should note that High School Tutoring College only offers online tutoring services in Five-Session Packs, that is, students are expected to commit to five sessions (five weeks) of online tutoring sessions, per subject, at a minimum. Payment must be made prior to the first online tutoring session and are often non-refundable. If for any reason High School Tutoring College is unable to provide a session, the session fee will be refunded. Students may enrol at any time and for students who enrol midway through, they should be aware that certain topics may have been covered previously and may not be comprehensively revisited by the tutor.


Subjects Offered

We offer online tutoring to the following subjects:

  • Computing Applications (Year 11 and HSC)
  • Chemistry (Year 11 and HSC)
  • Information Processes and Technology (Year 11 and HSC)
  • Information Technology (Year 11 and HSC)
  • Software Design and Development (Year 11 and HSC)
  • Physics (Year 11 and HSC)
  • Mathematics
    • Years 9 and 10 Mathematics
    • Year 11: General Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics (2 Unit), Mathematics Extension 1 (3 Unit)
    • HSC: General Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics (2 Unit), Mathematics Extension 1 (3 Unit), Mathematics Extension 2 (4 Unit)
    • Business Studies (Year 11 and HSC)
    • Science (Years 9 and 10)
    • Year 9 NAPLAN assessment



Online tuition services are offered to students who have access to a PC and fast internet connection with the following minimum requirements:

  • PC: Pentium IV 3.0 GHz
  • Internet connection: ADSL2+

Please visit the HSC online page regarding webinars/online tuition sessions for Preliminary HSC and HSC subjects.

For more information please contact our office.