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Welcome to High School Tutoring College! High School Tutoring College provides quality tuition services to high school students, ranging from Year 5 to HSC/IB students. High School Tutoring College is an Australian-owned business based in the Sydney, Australia. Students will be encouraged to develop new learning strategies and practice efficient exam techniques.

We offer tutoring services in:

  • Business Studies (Preliminary Business Studies, HSC Business Studies)
  • Chemistry (Preliminary Chemistry, HSC Chemistry)
  • Computing Applications (Preliminary Computing Applications, HSC Computing Applications
  • Information Processes and Technology (Preliminary IPT, HSC IPT)
  • Information Technology (Preliminary Information Technology, HSC Information Technology)
  • Mathematics (Years 5-12; NAPLAN, Preliminary General Mathematics, Preliminary Mathematics Extension 1 and HSC General Mathematics, ¬†HSC Advanced Mathematics, HSC Mathematics Extension 1 and HSC Mathematics Extension 2)
  • Physics (Preliminary Physics, HSC Physics)
  • Science (Yrs 9-10)
  • Software Design and Development (Preliminary Software Design and Development, HSC Preliminary Software Design and Development)

We can tutor one-on-one and small group tuition sessions, at your home (In Sydney) or online.

We also run intensive revision and exam preparation courses in a selection of subjects during school holiday breaks.

Our goal is to help our students achieve their full potential.


High School Tutoring College is currently offering Term 3 and Term 4, 2019, school holiday program for Mathematics Year 5 to 12 as well as revision of HSC past exam papers. An hour and a half sessions are run daily during school holiday. The sessions comprise of a different topics each day. Costing for this program is $1280.


Please contact our office for more information on how we can help you achieve your best.